Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

Here is where we will be posting weekly (mostly) book and bookish related Vlogs! We being, Heather from Book Obsessed and Jodi from JoJo's Book Corner. In addition to us there will be quest Vloggers either weekly or bi-weekly, and sometimes (hopefully) even author author Vlogs!

We are getting the site set up and figuring out the minutia of how to make this work, which is none to easy considering we live on different sides of the country (thank goodness for Twitter & to a lesser extent email). In the meantime if you want more info on who we are then please click the links above (our blog names) and peruse to your hearts content!

So Stay Tuned and prepare to be AMAZED! LOL 

Seriously, more soon....

{End Transmission}